November 2, 2023:
Next Educational Concert

We are proud each fall to present A Musical Adventure, an educational concert for elementary and middle school students in field-trip groups; these concerts are ideal for students in grades 3-6. Our performances capture the imaginations of our young audience members, all while giving them the experience of a live concert and showing them how players make music together.

The 2023 concert is set for November 2 in Oak Brook. Two 45-minute performances are planned, at 9:30 am and 10:45 am. Tickets are $6 per person, with each school receiving free admission for one adult chaperone per 12 students. The registration package is available here. We expect 900-1000 attendees; advance reservations are required.

At this year's concert, we will demonstrate the sound of all the instruments in the orchestra and perform two engaging pieces of music: The Bamboula Rhapsodic Dance by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and Danse Macabre by Camille-Saint Saens. Both are sure to delight our student audience!

Please contact us if you'd like to be on the mailing list for our 2024 educational concert.

woodwinds 10-28-14

Comments received from teachers who've attended past concerts:

"My students loved it. Maestro Lipari is so engaging. Wonderful concert. They LOVED it and were engaged from beginning to end!"

"Wow! What a great opportunity for the students to hear excellent live music!"

"Our 4th grade team looks forward to your concert each year."

"Selections were perfect, conductor was entertaining, length was appropriate for age level, price is reasonable and location convenient."

"Wonderful concert! Kids are still talking about it! Thank you so much!"

Comments received from students who've attended past concerts:

""That was my first time hearing live music and I loved it."

Thank you so much for the amazing concert. My favorite part was the cymbals because they were so exciting."

"I hope I go to your concert again"

"I really enjoyed seeing and hearing live music. My favorite part was you introducing the families of the instruments."